Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Design 101: managing design at project level

Another in the teeny blog’s occasional series of basic design guides (and apologies to grannies who know all about those eggs)

Four project level design management tips

  1. Always do your market research as part of the design process. The main reason for a design failing in the market place is not understanding customer requirements.
  2. The early stages of the design process are the best time for change . They don’t cost too much.
  3. Make sure you regularly review the design process against the design brief and specifications.
  4. Keep track of all improvements/changes to processes and technical performance identified in the regular reviews and final evaluation. This will be of major benefit to future projects.
Four general planning tips 
  1. Identify resource and equipment needs. For example, admin support, storage, technical information and external specialists.
  2. Set key dates for specific objectives and tasks including start and finish dates. Plan design activities, establish overall targets for the design team and monitor progress.
  3. Fix a project budget plan for all costs including any external funding elements.
  4. Have an effective system of management information for control purposes with good communications in place.
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