Monday, 22 October 2012

8 signs you're in the right (or wrong) job

Have you a job that just pays the bills or are you doing something that you love? Amber Rae from the Bold Academy reckons this checklist (edits by me) will help you decide. It provoked some debate as you'll see if you check out the full article.

1 It doesn't feel like work 
You frequently stop and think to yourself, "Wait, am I seriously working right now?"

2 You are aligned with your core values
Your life's work is an extension of your beliefs and worldview.

3 You are willing to suffer
You'll be exposed to unexpected challenges and setbacks and you may endure hardship, rejection, and sacrifice. These roadblocks will motivate you

4 You experience frequent flow
At 1:13 p.m. you realize five hours have gone by since you looked at the clock last. Or, you look up and realize it is 12:21 a.m. and your instinct is to keep creating.

5 You make room for living
Though you feel captivated and enthralled by your work, you make room for healthy routines like fitness, connection, spontaneity, and play. These activities re-energize and enable you to live a holistically fulfilling life.

6 Commitment is an honor
 Commitment to your work feels like breathing. You cannot imagine spending your time dedicated to any other purpose.

7 The people who matter notice
"This is without question what you're meant to be doing!" are among the comments you may hear from the people closest to you when you're on the right path.

8 You fall asleep exhausted, fulfilled, and ready for tomorrow
This is your life and you cannot imagine living it any other way.

Amber Rae's full article and links are on the Fast Company website.

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